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Compassion. Listening. Support. Acceptance. Relationship.

Pastoral Care
If you need to talk or pray with someone or need a home or hospital visit, please call 978-632-2142 or email  and someone will contact you shortly.

Visitation Team
Our Deacons are gifted and trained in supporting others through life’s most challenging circumstances. If you would like someone to sit with you during a hospital stay or simply someone to come and pray with you in your home, please call 978-632-2142 or email the office.

At FCC, we teach that baptism marks our participation in Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, with the church, to serve the world. Baptism is a sacrament in which children and adults come to know the love of God for them, Jesus as our hope for bringing reconciliation between God and humanity, and the freshness of the Holy Spirit in their lives. During the baptism service, parents, guardians, god-parents of babies and children make a solemn commitment to raise their child in the faith. If you are interested in baptism at FCC, please call 978-632-2142 or email us. Or, you may complete the baptism form and return it to us via mail or email. 

Beauty. History. Sacredness. Our iconic New England church and the grandly adorned Sanctuary, makes First Congregational Church a favored location for weddings.

FCC's Wedding Coordinator works closely with all couples. Please call 978-632-2142 or email  us to discuss your wedding plans, fees, reserve a date and even take a tour of our church. We welcome this opportunity to meet with and get to know you. Together we can plan and shape your wedding service. 

FCC's Organist is available to provide organ music for the wedding (or will secure a substitute). Vocal soloists or additional instrumentalists can also be arranged if you desire. 

Funerals and Memorial Services
When someone you love passes away, you are not alone. We are available to meet with you and/or officiate at funeral and memorial services. Please contact us at 978-632-2142 or email us.

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