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Forming Jesus followers for the sake of the world

Christians are not lone rangers. We need each other. Christian Adult Faith Formation helps you grow as a Jesus follower for the world no matter where you are on your faith journey. We welcome all with joy and offer programs and events that help you begin or expand your faith journey and spiritual practices. A casual, no-commitment, come-when-you-can format allows us to offer formation and spiritual practices in a variety of ways to our congregation and community. 

Below are some things we are dreaming of offering, and actually putting into practice:

  • Men's Breakfast meets on the second Saturday of each month. Meeting begins at 8:00 a.m. for a potluck breakfast followed by a time to make toys. The goal for the year is to build 100 wooden toys to give away next Christmas.

  • Bible Study- based on a book of the Bible, Jesus' parables, or the whole Bible using online videos, journaling, study guides and other resources.​

  • Short Circles are a one-time small group of people who gather monthly to discuss a variety of topics and reflect together on what they mean for our lives. Hand-outs for the Short Circles will be provided. No need to sign-up, come as you are! It's a great opportunity to meet others, to connect with God in a meaningful way, and to consider what it looks like to faithfully live out the way of Jesus in daily life.

  • Lectio Divinia Bible Study- focuses on one passage of Scripture read three times- listening and journaling for a phrase that calls out to you

  • Readers Theater/Drama group- learn to dramatize a passage of Scripture

  • Art group- draw, paint, color your faith!

  • Faith Formation School- learn to build your own theology, Reformed Christian theology and history, world religions, etc. Christian Living Book/Film Club- come together for a lively discussion and honest discernment of how what we have learned in  books or movies impacts our lives as Christ followers.

  • Contemplative spiritual and devotion practices- connect with God and one another through various spiritual practices, including  contemplative practice, reflection, and an emphasis on how a contemplative posture and practice can lead toward meaningful action in the world

  • Meditative walking group- walk, focus your attention on your mantra, pause, breath, reflect, walk.

  • Small groups- join a tribe of people who desire to a deeper engagement with both head and heart to exploring a variety of learning opportunities, as well as share in various spiritual practices together. Small groups require a short intentional commitment to a group of people within our community.

  • Dinner church- gather together with other adults for a potluck meal to share stories, pray, and explore your faithCafe/Pub Pop-up gatherings- enjoy a beverage and lively discussion of current topics and how our faith can inform our cultural moment.

  • Inter-sessions- we're exploring a mid-week evening light supper, worship, and study for all ages.

Watch our calendar for these offerings and more!


It's all about your formation! How would you like to grow in your knowledge of God and nurture your spirit? Please send us your ideas:

Thanks! Message sent.

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